Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida/USA

 – Worth Avenue 
Palm Beach's finest piece of land

Palm Beach, Florida/USA (2013) – Why would you even think about walking on Worth Avenue in beautiful Palm Beach under the unforgiving heat of the Floridian sun? Maybe because you're a shopaholic or at least a very passionate window shopper? In any way, the answer is fairly simple: because as the street name already indicates, it's worth it! Sure, it would be alluring to rather hang out at the nearby most gorgeous beaches, with the feet in the water and the ass in the sand. But Worth Avenue wouldn't be worldwide so famous if it couldn't compete with the ocean and the beaches. It's for sure one of the greatest well-known shopping streets. People from all around the world come to shop here for all kinds of stuff but mainly designer clothes, expensive jewelry, high-end shoes and bags and art. The finest stores of the biggest brand names and the most prestigious galleries are located left and right of Worth Avenue. Palm Beach's shopping mile is on one level with the well-known shopping streets in New York, London, Rome, Milan, Vienna or Paris. Even though the exquisite stores might have made Worth Avenue to what it is today, but the finest piece of land in Palm Beach works its charm also offside the stores for the rich and famous. Locals know the real charm of Worth Avenue is to find a bit hidden, right behind the stores, in the lovely Vias.
Crown door handle at a store in Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, Florida/USA
From Gucci to Chanel - Famous brand names side by side
Every time again it feels like a privilege to walk the incredible beautiful Worth Avenue. Strolling up and down this shopping mile, walking into the famous stores and enjoying the designer's work, or even shopping for some high-end merchandise or just for little gifts. One minute you're at Gucci – since 1950 on this location – in the next minute you find yourself at Polo Ralph Lauren, Tiffany's or Valentino's. Or, you check out what Giorgio Armani, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Hermès or Chanel have to offer. Not that you would need something really, nor do you have any intention to spend all your money there, but it's just so cool. Crazy cool!

Walking down the beautiful Avenue won't give your eyes any rest. On Worth Avenue, the famous brands are all side by side. Door to door, so to speak. It's really hard to focus when you see so many gorgeous things every step you'll make. For some, it can very well be overwhelming. Buying a shirt at the Polo Ralph Lauren store on Worth Avenue is for sure more exciting than buying the same shirt in a mall somewhere else. And mind you, you'll get it usually on Worth Avenue for the same price as in the malls. To walk and shop on this famous shopping street does feel special indeed, at least for most of us who don't have the money and opportunity to do so on a regular basis. And also, it's kind of cool at times to walk the same street at the same time as the rich and famous. 

Forget about shopping for a moment and get sidetracked
Worth Avenue was named in 1913 after General William Jenkins Worth, a highly decorated US army soldier. The Avenue always looks neat and inviting, the sidewalks are never awful crowded and the shopkeeper just knows how to excite the people passing by with creative window decorating. An open-air-mall at the eastern end of the Avenue, "150 Worth", might be an additional attraction for shopaholics. The mall offers next to the famous and classy "Saks Fifth Avenue" department store a variety of upscale shops. Worth Avenue is home to approximately 250 high-end shops, boutiques, restaurants and art galleries. As much as you might admire the work of Ralph Lauren, Tiffany, Cartier and Co., the true beauty for the eyes of Worth Avenue lies in the backyards so to speak, right behind the exquisite and very expensive shopping mansions. You'll appreciate being sidetracked, trust me. If you're not only a hopeless rich shopaholic and you're looking for something more than a full shopping bag.
Vias are the hidden beauty of Worth Avenue
Walking from east to west, the side alleys "Via Flora", "Via De Lela", "Via Amore" and "Via Mario" take you right to the beauty I'm talking about. Gorgeous little buildings with lots of blooming bushes, flowers in pots, chairs and tables, fountains and sculptures. Wherever you look are little cute stores and galleries, not less fancy than the ones on Worth Avenue. The Mediterranean look and feel make you want to sit down in every single one of these backyards. It makes you want to stay for a while, soak it all in and forget about everything else. There you can truly enjoy what you never thought you would be able to get on Worth Avenue, tranquility and peacefulness.

On the way back from the west end of Worth Avenue on Cocoanut Row you have to walk the other side of the street and walk right into "Via Parigi". Another walkway to another hidden beauty. And of course, most of all you can't miss "Via Mizner", the most famous "Via" on Worth Avenue – named after the American resort architect Addison Mizner. In the 1920's Mizner was the best-known and most-discussed living American architect. Thanks to the great imagination of Mizner these Vias on Worth Avenue exist today. If you want to see more of Mizner's great work you'll have to drive down south from Palm Beach to Boca Raton, this city has Mizner written all over it.

To have visited all of the gorgeous side alleys on Worth Avenue, you have to see also "Via Roma", "Via Bice" and finally "Via Encantada", which you find shortly past the Hibiscus Avenue. By the way: Parking on Worth Avenue is not really a problem. There is valet parking available at the Apollo parking lot just north of Worth Avenue, off Hibiscus Avenue, also at 150 Worth’s parking garage, at the east end of the Avenue, and in front of the Gucci Courtyard. Two-hour parking spaces and two-hour metered parking spaces are available left and right on Worth Avenue and if you're lucky you just catch one of these. And finally my last advise: when making a purchase from one of the Worth Avenue Association merchants, ask about the parking validation stamp. 


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