Social Media – My Facebook & Twitter

There is no way that one can get fast some words or in my case, some photos out into the world nowadays and actually reach people without using social media. As a passionate photographer
I like it when my work is seen by as many people possible, social media almost guarantees that.
So, of course, I use some of it, not all outlets but as I believe the important ones.
I post my photos with some lines, thoughts or quotes on Facebook and tweet my work also
on Twitter and forward some of it also to Instagram. At times I even use LinkedIn when
I feel my post fits this crowd. There would be so many more outlets to use,
the variety is huge but honestly unmanageable. You just can't be everywhere with everything.
I turn around one time and boom two more brand new social media outlets are available.
Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate this kind of spreading "the word", but where to begin and
where to stop? Frankly, I am a big believer in doing only what I can do well.
Plus there is also the time factor. If days would have 48 hours instead of 24 or quit sleeping for good would not influence my health, I probably would even expand my social media activities.
As it is, I stick with what I know and can manage. I made you a little window into my social
media life on Facebook and Twitter right here on this page, just scroll down and see. 
If you're on one of the outlets I'm using, meet me there, simply say hello,
comment and/or like my work, or just follow my posts!