San Quirico in Val d'Orcia/Tuscany

San Quirico – Another jewel on a Tuscan hill
"Italian Renaissance garden "Horti Leonin

San Quirico, Tuscany/Italy (2017)It comes to no surprise that another little jewel,
one just has to visit while in Val d'Orcia, also sits on top of a hill: San Quirico.
Only 2,500 inhabitants live in this little but very beautiful town, located in between
the two more famous cities Pienza and Montalcino. If there is a hill somewhere in Tuscany,
you can bet on it, on top of it you'll find another little treasure. When walking through
San Quirico you just can tell, also this Tuscan city must have had a rich past. Whatever you touch
in this town, you feel its history. San Quirico was very well known once, in medieval times,
when it was very well known as an important rest stop on one of the pilgrimage routes.
The city offers Romanesque churches, an ancient city wall, a very relaxed shopping mile with restaurants, coffee houses and wine bars on main street and the "Horti Leonini",
a beautiful example of an Italian Renaissance garden. Designed by Diomede Leoni in 1540,
the garden shows an impressive geometrical alignment around a statue of Cosimo III de Medici.
An advice for photographers: Pay attention when you drive to San Quirico,
before you drive up to the town and right after passing a bridge you'll find
one of the most photographed places of the Val d'Orcia, the famous group of cypress trees!