Rollymoon – Full moons by Rolly Mouchaty

There are many ways to look at the moon and be stunned by it’s beauty. The best way to observe Earth’s only natural satellite is clearly to look at it “in natura”. A few weeks ago one of the finest artists in South Florida gave us a brand new possibility to observe and admire “La Luna”
with the launch of her website “I love the moon and I know the moon loves me”, says Rolly Mouchaty, the Boca Raton based painter, who made it her “mission in art”
to use the moon not only as the main subject but also as the only one subject.
On her website she lets visitors peek into her relationship with the moon. Her portfolio
shows not only her great artistic skills but more so her uncomplicated ways to use paint brushes,
oil and canvases to capture her favorite and only one subject: the moon.
The moon is captured on every single canvas
There is not a single painting coming from Rolly Mouchaty’s easel where one would miss the moon on it. “Yeah, that’s all I paint“, she says very humble, “the moon in all its shapes, colors and glory. To capture all its beauty is a never ending endeavor and for sure won’t fit on only one canvas. To paint the moon on a million canvases won’t be enough to do it justice“, says Rolly very convincing and underlining with that her huge and infecting admiration for the moon.

The feelings for the moon come right from the heart and are directed onto a canvas
Rolly Mouchaty, born and raised in beautiful Venezuela, moved in 2000 to the United States and lives since then in Boca Raton, Florida. Painting to her is a language, a form of communication which creates feelings, something she decided now to share with all of us through her new website. Rolly doesn’t paint to make a living. She paints on weekends or in the late hours on any given day, after a full days of work to be precise. And still it’s so much more than just a hobby. Painting the moon is a passion to her, even a certain way to feel good. When she paints she is able to let her feelings flow in a very artistic and special way. “The feelings“, so she says, “come right out of the heart and I direct them onto the canvas. When I feel the urge to paint, I go in my studio, turn on some cool music, take my brushes, colors and an empty canvas and there it goes. I can let my feelings flow.“ And whatever concept she might have in the beginning, at the end there is a moon on the canvas. No matter what size the canvas has, a great part of it will always be reserved for the beautiful “La Luna”. – Get inspired and infected
What better way to communicate her love for art and for the moon particularly with sharing it through her new website. With she takes her passion to the net and with that to everyone who wants to share the love for the moon. On she shows visitors the many different views of the moon through many of her masterpieces. Go there, check it out and get inspired and maybe even infected by her love for the moon. And if you like what you see, you can even buy one of the prints right here: .