Filmstrip with composites of Austrian, Italian, USA and World flag

Places – So much to see and so little time

Not having enough time for traveling is a problem almost everyone has including me. Even though I’ve traveled quite a bit over the past years, I always feel there is still so much to see. plus there are so many places I have been already which I would like to revisit. Sometimes I think I should have worked for the travel industry and not only for the reason that I could have traveled cheaper. On second thought, I wouldn't have been a good travel agent I guess, not only because I would have pushed my customers towards all the destinations I saw and liked but also because I would have a hard time to suggest where to go since I know a lot of very cool places. My own "To-Go" list is still very long after all these years. As I already said, there is so much to see and so little time. For example, think about the big cities, like New York, San Francisco, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tokyo or Hong Kong, the fun cities like Las Vegas or its Chinese version Macau, think about Amsterdam, the "Venice of the Netherlands, or how about the real Venice in Italy, or the cool European cities like 
London, Paris, Vienna, Berlin or Rome. Or how about the landscape? Sights like the Grand Canyon,
the Great Wall of China come to mind. Or how about the American National Parks, Finland's lakes,
the White Cliffs of South England, Italy's Cinque Terre, Tuscany or the Amalfi coast not to forget. See what I mean? I guess you understand my dilemma. The question is, where to begin, what comes next and most of all, what not to miss?
long exposure shot of the metro in Barcelona in Spain
Reality is, that most likely everyone has its own preferences and that may take care of your travel priorities anyway. But it certainly helps to get some cool pointers from others. I for sure always appreciate when friends come back from a trip or vacation and tell me about their experiences, about the location and the hidden gems they had found. I am happy to look at their photos because it just might excite me more and my interest to follow in their footsteps at the next travel opportunity I will have.

Accepting suggestions from other photographers save time, money and frustration
As a passionate photographer, I love especially suggestions of other photographers. First, because I think that every photographer wants to capture great images. Second, suggestions from fellow photographers are like a lottery ticket with a guaranteed win. Plus since everybody sees and does things a bit differently it’s always interesting to hear where to go and what to shoot. It's not forbidden nor does it show a lack of creativity to use the information gathered from others when planning a trip, it's rather smart because it saves you valued time, prevents frustration and might even save you a buck or two.

From time to time a photo in a magazine points me into a new direction. One of my favorite sources obviously is the internet which is full of photos of the coolest places and locations. Nowhere can you get more information and inspiration. I got great leads in the past and since I am a reader of customer reviews I also always learn a lot about a location long before I even get there. You can say about Google whatever you want, but put a location you would like to explore into their search engine and click on “images”! You be amazed at what will be offered to you. Once in a while I do this, I look through the images and click the ones I like and then visit the site where the photo originated. There I find most of the time all I want to know. Walking through a photo gallery in real or on the net – for example, the gallery of Peter Lik – always also provides me with new ideas. By the way: Lik, in my opinion, one of the best landscape photographers of our time, inspires with his motives like not many others. It’s such a joy for me to visit his great galleries. I could spend hours there. 

Austria, Italy, United States of America and the rest of the world
In Places on WOSTPHOTO, you will find photos and some stories with it about the locations in the different countries I’ve traveled to the most in the past: Austria Italy and the  USA . For the rest I've created the category World , here you will find my impressions of my journeys to all the other countries I have been. "Places" will always be a work in progress, since I constantly add pages or/and photos. Plus there is so much I still work on regarding my travels from the past years. I can’t wait to show you more photos on this page. And I’m ready to get out again and explore new cities and sights, revisit and discover more of the ones I’ve been already and to fulfill my desire to photograph more of the beautiful nature we live in.