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Check out these cool websites

Since my website WOSTPHOTO went online, cruising through the world-wide web
is not a choice any longer but a must. For obvious reasons I’d say. As a result of it,
the virtual world became some sort of place I have to go to now – again and again.
There is all the administrative stuff I have to do, like checking my site for functionality,
making updates, fixing errors, working on new content, writing blog posts,
replying to comments or last but not least, filling the galleries with some of my new work.

Let me tell you, having to maintain WOSTPHOTO made the back-end of my site to another office place and internet surfing to an obligation. Granted there are no business hours to follow and no dress code to maintain, I can come and go how time permits or I please. Even though I belong to the group of people who don’t really mind to jump into the virtual world at any given time and feel comfortable in it, I still try to keep it rather balanced and try to not spend too many hours in “the other world”. When I start to talk to my computer screen, I know it’s time to close shop and
walk out of the virtual world. Screaming at my TV during a soccer games is weird enough,
no need to add conversations with my notebook to my weirdness.

Whenever I came across a really cool site I used to bookmark it, each single one.
I had a very long list with websites I liked to check out once in a while or recommend to my friends. But the problem I had was finding the one I was looking for. When creating
WOSTPHOTO I thought it would be a great opportunity to end this dilemma
by dedicating space to some sites I'd like to recommend. Here on "Pages I like"
you find foremost the work of friends, great artists, photographers and painters but also service sites I might find helpful. Even though I have enough space dedicated to showcase other sites,
this will not be a bloated index of links but a small selection of cool sites. Also, this page will change with time, there are always new sites to be added. Enjoy!