Castel dell'Ovo in Naples, fortress & former royal residence

The Dome of Orvieto shines like a golden altar  Roman Cathedral is home of the Last Judgment

Orvieto, Umbria/Italy (2018) The towns of Umbria have so much to offer that time becomes quick a real issue when attempting to see as many as possible during a visit in the green heart of Italy. Sometimes even the best planning won't work because there is always something which is already closed for the day or not open yet and at times the weather just wants to be a bad sport and spoil the fun. So a heartfelt "damn" is all one is left with. For me such a  moment arrived when I visited Orvieto, an incredibly beautiful hilltop town in Umbria. Orvieto, perched on a cliff of red volcano rock, the former Etruscan village is considered one of Italy's most enchanting towns, is famous for its dome, the "Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta". So this is where I was heading first. Also because it was later in the day and the cathedral knows how to impresses from the outside especially during a particular time slot, right when the last sun strokes for the day hit the front side of the church. This is when the real beauty of the fourteenth century Roman Catholic house of God enfolds: the Gothic facade starts to  shine in true golden color and the beautiful detailed mosaic work between the four pillars starts to sparkle. The dome as a whole becomes a huge glowing medieval altar in this warm and soft light. Unfortunately the square around the dome is not that wide so photography is a real challenge. But make no mistake, "Santa Maria Assunta" is inside as beautiful as outside and is home to a true treasure. In its "Capello di Madonna di San Brizio" you'll find Luca Signorelli’s (1445 –1523) "Last Judgment",  considered by many to be his masterpiece. While it was comforting to have seen the great Dome of Orvieto in all its glory on this day there still was some regret not having seen other sides such as the "St. Patrick’s Well" or the "Etruscan Tombs" and much more of the city's beauty. Well, I guess when exploring, the greed comes out.