Airplane passing the sun while going down behind clouds

MishMash – Findings from “along the way”

MishMash on WOSTPHOTO has nothing to do with the very popular vegetarian dish originating from Bulgaria – sorry about that. If you’re interested in the tomato-pepper-feta-recipe
you will have to search Google for it. MishMash on WOSTPHOTO represents my growing collection of photos which really don’t fit in any other category of my website. Until today
I am not able to control my passion for photography in the sense of limiting myself to certain
fields of photography. When I started to take pictures in my early teens,
I shot what I liked, without a concept and without boundaries. What was interesting in any way
and in front of my camera was seconds later captured and part of my photo collection.
Until today nothing much has changed. Believe it or not. Really, it's still the same thing. Kind of.
Composite of a light photo in a negative frame

“Distractions” along the way lead to beautiful MishMash
Whenever I go out with my NIKON to shoot some landscapes, people, animals, the full moon, the ocean waves or such, there are always additional things along the way which catch my attention and distract me from what I was planning on doing. These distractions turn into annoyances for all people walking with me pretty fast. Because they causing me to fall behind and trigger the same conversation over and over: “Where were you?”, “Taking a photo!”, “Of what? There was nothing!”, “Yes, there was.”, “I didn’t see anything.” With the years the number of people willing to go places with me rapidly shrank. Sad but true.  

There are so many "distractions" along the way that it is almost impossible not to stumble over them. One time it’s an old traditional farmer milk bucket, lovely hand-painted by a gifted artist. It's just standing there, ready to be noted and hit by the perfect light. Another time it’s a lilac bike, beautifully decorated with flowers, serving as an eye catcher for a lavender shop in the village. Or it’s just a leaf in a puddle or a bird on a bench. I can't help it, I see it and boom, I’m in the zone, figuring out the best angle, the perfect light and set up for my NIKON. When the shot finally hits the sensor plate of my NIKON, I’m already fallen behind and people are looking for me. It’s annoying, I know.

MishMash – A  new category in WOSTPHOTO
Trust me, I have given this more than one thought. Why am I doing this? Maybe only for the fact that I just love to see the beauty in things. When I shoot these photos, I imagine them framed on a wall. Call it strange, but I also capture them for others to see. I guess this is who I am. Obviously. I try hard to not shoot everything which moves into the field of my viewfinder. Also because my archives are full, loaded with thousands of photos I captured along the way.

But what’s the harm anyway? So I asked myself a while ago, should I open up another category on my website and give all these MishMash shots a new home, out from the archives and into my website? Since I do have space enough and there's no good reason not to do it, I decided to create the new category "MishMash" and filled it with shots not really fitting in any other category within WOSTPHOTO. From now on I let these photos compete with all the others for the visitor’s attention. And maybe also from now on, I won't feel so bad anymore for falling behind once again because I have taken another shot “along the way”.
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