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Cards – Greetings from the heart

I admit, to write cards in general was never really my thing. Even though I was always encouraged to do so. I still remember my Mom complaining when I came home from a vacation “You could have written at least a card!” Even though I always compensated by showing her hundreds of photos I had taken on my journeys, but I guess a card was what she really wanted. Cards turned out to be my problem for a while, I ran into these kind of uncomfortable situations on almost every birthday, Christmas, Easter and every other event when a card was in order. Yes, I am a writer and words do come easily at times but writing cards is a whole other game. The funny thing was, I myself always admired all the cards I received from my friends. Some of them were even handcrafted and real art pieces. I collected them and showcased them in my home, some even framed.

For whatever reason, I could never really bring myself to do anything like that. Not because of lack of creativity or ideas. I think it was a time issue. So many hours investing into creating a card from scratch might have scared me away. But then came digital photography and scrap booking. With that also my new found love for homemade cards. I shoud have started earlier, most of all because it is fun to create something they way you want it to be. Plus it shows a lot of heart and it is very special to everybody, when you give something you've created yourself. And did I mention it is fun?
Card snail house with quote home in frame

Hallmark the creates card shop on this planet
Actually it all changed with me moving to the United States. More precise, the many “mandatory” visits to “Hallmark” did. Hallmark always was and still is the greatest card shop on this planet. There is not an event in our life for which Hallmark does not have a beautiful card. Also the many stops at multiple scrapbooking stores kind of inspired me with time. I started to be amazed by the variety of paper, tools, textures, stamps, stickers, cut-outs available to create cards. I fast found out how much fun it was to create them from scratch. All I needed to do was after having an idea for a card, to walk into a scrap-book store, get inspired, buy the stuff I needed and start the project.

From poking holes to digital scrapbooking
I was really getting into the cutting out stuff, the stamping and poking holes into different materials, when a friend came told me about digital scrapbooking. Honestly, I had never heard of it and it kind of pissed me off a bit. I just had mastered the handcrafted cards and I could have done this digitally all along? It sounded intriguing enough for me to start digging into this subject, mainly on the information highway. I learned what I needed to know and started my first few projects. I made it a rule to include my own photos in every project. That was challenging at first, because I never had the right photos I needed but it changed my way to take pictures until this day. I enjoyed digital scrapbooking with every project I did more and more because with time I got the hang of it and I liked that of my photos all of a sudden had a purpose.

Shooting for storage – Greetings from your creative mind
In the following years I started to take photos only for the purpose of digital scrapbooking. I archived hundreds of them for later use, mostly always for backgrounds on my digitally made greeting cards. I shot more and more backgrounds, little details, decoration of all kind, bunnies for my Easter cards, Santa’s and Christmas trees for my Christmas card, witches, ghosts, and spider webs, yes you’ve guessed right, for Halloween cards and pumpkins for Thanksgiving. With time I added flowers, rocks, trees and water shots. Soon I had a huge pool of all sorts of motives stored away only for digitally scrapbooking. Crazy, right? Well, a little bit. But it was fun shooting all these photos and having people wondering what I was doing when I pointed my camera at a bottle, a rock, a mirror or a bed post for example. And it was even more fun editing these photos in post production and filing them away for later usage. I created many cards over the past years and did even more scrapbooking projects.

I kind of keep it simple today. I still want to showcase my photography at first and my cards only represent images I made out of my photos. Like I always say, I don’t see myself as a graphic artist – my god there are so many and so much better ones out there – but I see myself as a very passionate photographer who loves to take photos. And if these photos have the purpose to be converted to digital art with an inspiring quote on it, so be it.