The Hoodoos in the theater in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah/USA

The Hoodoos make the heart beat faster
from sunrise to sunset

Bryce Canyon National Park/Utah/USA. (2009). – One of the smallest National Parks in the United States but worldwide known for its amazing and unique views is “Bryce Canyon” in Utah.  The colorful rock formations and the horseshoe-shaped amphitheaters seem not to be from this world. This amazing desert wonderland puts a spell on you before you can blink with an eye. This incredibly beautiful landscape has taken my heart right when we met the first time. I’ve visited “Bryce Canyon” several times by now and even though this National Park is compared to others rather small, every time I visited I had a new breathtaking experience. I don't think I have taken more photos at any other sight, the colorful and from nature so interesting shaped limestone formations in Bryce Canyon make me fire my Nikon in harmony with my heart beat – fast. I guess I would be able to index every stone there by now. And still, I will go back to this wonderful place the second I can. It is like “Bryce” is calling me back. Again and again.  
Snow in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah/USA
Bryce Canyon – Small only in size but enormous in beauty  
Bryce Canyon National Park – named after the Mormon settler and pioneer Ebenezer Bryce – covers 35,835 acres (55.99 sq mi / 145.02 km2) and is considered a small park by National Park standards. Actually, the park is not even a canyon but a series of amphitheaters. Regardless of its beauty, “Bryce" is not overrun by tourists. At least not compared to its park neighbors “Zion” or “Grand Canyon”. Maybe due to the parks remote location. It takes a while to get there from every direction you might come. It's a long and windy road to this gorgeous land but it is well worth to make the trip. The majority of visitors – each year more than 1.5 million - come during the summer month June to September and they usually visit the park entirely by car, since the access points are all connected and the great parking system literally invites to this very comfortable and convenient sightseeing. The scenic drive provides access to the 13 viewpoints over the amphitheaters. But for to see a bit more and being able to take a closer look at these fantastic sculptures with their gorgeous colors, one has to bring the hiking boots and a bit more time for to explore the park on one of its eight very well maintained hiking trails. For those who would like to enter deeper into this natural beauty but not necessarily on hiking boots: the park offers horseback riding tours.

I had the luck to also enjoy visiting the park outside of these months, even saw snow caps on some of the rock formations once. What a sight! Having had it all my life, snow doesn't excite me that much normally but seeing the white on these oddly shaped, so colorful limestones in warm sunlight gave my heart a different beat rhythm.  

Theaters full of "Hoodoos" – Spires, pinnacles, fins and mazes are the stars at Bryce Canyon
The colorful limestones, sandstones and mudstones in Bryce Canyon are shaped into so-called "hoodoos”. Hoodoos are pillars or spires of fantastically shaped rocks, formed in these shapes a long time ago by frost-wedging and the dissolving power of the rainwater. There are hundreds of thousands of spires, pinnacles, fins and mazes right next to each other. It's truly stunning. The red, orange and white colors of these hoodoos in Bryce provide spectacular views, especially by sunrise and sunset, when the spires, fins and pinnacles seem to glow in the warm light of the last sun strokes.

The uniqueness of the hoodoos leads to the appointment as a National Park in 1924 and thanks to the Union Pacific Railroad this rather secluded area today is easily accessible and famous in the whole world. Must see sights in Bryce Canyon you just have to put on your bucket list: Rainbow, Ponderosa Canyon, Bryce Point, Inspiration Point, Sunset and Sunrise Point.  
Beautiful landscape in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah/USA


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